Built from 17 years of child care industry knowledge and decades of software development experience, the starCare Child Care Management System combines the latest advances in information technology with an understanding of what the child care sector requires.

starCare is designed to be intuitive and logical. There is no need for high levels of computer literacy. starCare is written to follow logical steps so tasks are learned quickly and easily - even by a novice operator.
Our support team is dedicated and passionate about Customer Service. Clients are encouraged to call or email with any starCare related questions they may have. All questions are dealt with in a friendly, understanding and professional manner.
The starCare Child Care Management system can be tailored to suit any business model, from small, single premise community centres, to large multi-centre companies spanning multiple sites.
starCare offers an extensive range of Accounting, CCMS Management, Child, Parent, Enrolment and Attendance reports. Reports can be Previewed, Printed or Saved to PDF files. In addition, Users can customise reports to suit their individual needs with user defined selection criteria.
Visit the starCare website by clicking the logo below to find out more.
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